Manage Field Devices Effectively With Reboot to Restore Software

Here are 6 ways in which reboot to restore technology maximizes the availability of field computers and help IT team manage them more efficiently.


The use of portable devices on the field, such rugged computers, laptops, and toughbooks, has not only helped global organizations ensure faster service delivery but has also taken operational efficiency and productivity of field employees to unimaginable heights. However, maintaining these field computers in an optimum state can be quite challenging for the IT team as these machines are always on the move and frequently operated by diverse groups of workers under demanding work conditions. This makes the deployment of a reboot to restore software solution absolutely essential that can ensure high availability and smooth operability of on-field devices with its prompt troubleshooting and robust system maintenance capabilities.


Importance of Maintaining Availability for Field Computers and the Challenges involved


In major industries like telecommunication, construction, retail and manufacturing, the role of field computers in business operations is as critical as the in-house workstations. These portable machines enable field-based workers to access and manage their work order data in real-time, thus enabling them to complete their assigned jobs on time and delivering more efficient service to the customers. Even minutes of downtime in such devices not only disrupts business-critical operations on the field but also results in a sudden drop in employee productivity, compliance failure, and reputational damage.

The diversity of the operational tasks for which field computers are deployed makes their proper management a challenging task for field IT personnel. Alterations performed in device configuration and downloading of files or software applications from unauthorized sources can induce stability and performance-related issues in field devices which demand prompt on-site IT intervention. As a result, IT professionals need to travel to the site, diagnose the problem with extensive troubleshooting efforts or get the malfunctioning device back to the headquarters to perform repairs. This not only increases the IT workload but also extends the downtime.

With more and more field computers getting integrated into company operations, it has become crucial for the IT team to effectively meet these challenges and maximize their availability to field employees. A solution built on reboot to restore technology preserves system integrity and helps IT professionals ensure all field endpoints keep running at their optimum capacity with minimal efforts.


How Reboot to Restore Software Simplifies On-Field Computer Management


Delivering reliable performance of field computers

A reboot to restore software solution allows IT administrators to set up and control and a preferred system configuration, which it preserves as the baseline state and prevents it from getting affected by any user-generated changes. Irrespective of whether the employees alter the system configuration or not, such solutions revert all field computers to that admin-defined pristine configuration with every reboot. This helps IT professionals ensure that the configurational integrity of all portable endpoints does not get compromised under any circumstance, which enhances their availability and performance on the field.

Keeping devices protected against blended threats

Field endpoints need to be guarded against both online and manual threats as they are often connected to external devices for transferring of data. Moreover, employees can also unintentionally expose these devices to malware and other cyber threats by running files and software programs from unverified sources. A reboot to restore software program creates a temporary storage location to store all user-generated data and inputs, thus preventing them from having any lasting or damaging influence on the device integrity. As soon as the device is restarted, these solutions wipe out the content of the temporary location and restore it to the original baseline configuration as defined by the IT admins. The restore on reboot capability allows employees to use the field computers flexibly as per their job requirements without any concerns over the long-term impact of their activities.

Eliminating the need for on-site IT support

Reboot to restore software solutions are quite easy to deploy and require no technical stepwise process for their execution. As a result, they act as a great troubleshooting tool for field employees when they experience any technical issue on the field devices. By instantly restoring the admin-defined state upon a reboot, it helps field employees to avoid any downtime or disruptions at work and resolve common system issues on the spot without having to call any IT support personnel. Thus, its reboot and restore functionality not only improves employee productivity on the field but also enables organizations to reduce the cost and resources required for on-site IT support.

Helping maintain license compliance

Without the right IT oversight, employees may download and run unauthorized software programs that raise compliance concerns and may even sacrifice uptime in field computers. A reboot to restore software solution enables IT admins to create and secure a master image of the desired configuration which includes all requisite applications for performing specific operations on the field. If any unapproved software gets downloaded by the field workers, running a reboot discards such addition and takes back the system to their optimal state. This enables IT admins to achieve and maintain a compliant and stable IT infrastructure.

Facilitating centralized control of field devices

Centralized control provision of advanced software solutions leveraging reboot to restore technology further streamlines the management and maintenance of field computers for IT professionals. These solutions offer a unified console which enables the IT professionals to remotely manage all field computers from a single workstation. This also provides IT personnel with the ability to execute programs and even launch applications on specific or all networked field devices remotely, thus enabling them to always stay in control of the IT assets.

Providing scheduled patch maintenance

Some feature-rich reboot to restore software solutions enable the IT admins to pre-schedule the installation and deployment of Operating System (OS) and software updates, at a time when the field computers are not being used for business purposes. As a result, the updates get downloaded and installed automatically at the predefined time slot without requiring any supervision. This enables the IT staff to avoid the hassle of running complicated maintenance tasks and save time which they can put to better use.

Apart from the ease of execution and prompt system restoration capabilities, advanced features like remote access and auto software updates make the reboot to restore software a full-proof solution for organizations across domains that have deployed field computers.